Obituary of Henry John Newell, Postmaster

Tuesday, September 19, 1899


OBITUARY.—Villagers were painfully startled last Thursday morning as the news of the decease of the postmaster solemnly passed from one to another. Mr. [Henry John] NEWELL, of Oxford House, was but 30 years of age, and had carried on the business since his father’s decease, not quite two years ago. The sympathy of the whole district will be drawn towards the pathetic figure of his young wife, made a widow, 16 days after being led to the marriage alter in the Parish Church. This latter event, though it created an amount of neighbourly interest, was not recorded in the Press, the deceased, who was of a retiring temperament, expressing no wish for its notice. This will deepen rather than lessen the public sorrow that finds expression on all sides without distinction. The deceased succumbed to rheumatic fever, which, following upon earlier attacks, fatally affected the heart. The funeral took place on Saturday evening in the Parish Churchyard, the Rev. E.J. HOWMAN officiating. The last rites were performed amid manifest and poignant feelings for one so soon cut off from life’s activities.

Transcript © Paul Brazell 2008

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