The MÜLLERs of Stockenboi

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Working hypothesis:

  • The Müllers of Stockenboi (aka the “Weissensee shipping dynasty”) are connected to the Müllers of Alberden and Mauthbrücken.

Arguments in favour:

  • Our Müllers are Protestant; there are also Protestant Müllers in Stockenboi;
  • Our earliest identified Müller, Johann, married a lass from Stockenboi, Barbara Örtl, in 1749. I haven’t found Johann’s baptism in the registers there though;
  • It cannot be a coincidence that there is a Müller/Mösslacher family in Stockenboi (the one with the boats and holiday flats)!
  • There must have been a lot of movement along the road leading from Stockenboi through Alberden to Zlan and Mauthbrücken. The road seems to follow the “Weg des Buches” (also here, and Google has more), a Protestant pilgrimage route along which German-language versions of the Bible and hymn books were smuggled during the time of “Geheimprotestantismus” in Austria;

Arguments against:

  • Nothing so far 🙂

Things to do: