Marriage of Mr. W. R. Eggleton and Miss A. H. Brazell, at Chinnor

Tuesday, September 22, 1914

A wedding of considerable local interest took place in the Congregational Church, Chinnor, on Wednesday afternoon [September 16th], which was crowded to excess. The bridegroom was Mr. William Robert EGGLETON, 2nd son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. EGGLETON, of Hill Farm, and the bride Miss Adeline Harvey BRAZELL, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph BRAZELL. Both families are well known in Chinnor and throughout the district, and the respect and esteem in which they are held was manifest in the great interest which was shewn by the whole village in Wednesday’s event. The weather was beautifully fine and added much to the brightness of the scene and enjoyment of every one. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. Wilson HITCHINS (pastor), who was assisted by the Rev. F. HAINSWORTH, M.A., of Scarborough, a personal friend of the bride’s family. The service opened with a hymn, specially written for the occasion by the bride’s father, ” Sun-brimming hath the summer been,” the other hymn being “O perfect love.” Mr. W. COCKS presided at the organ, and at the conclusion of the service played Lohengrin’s Bridal March. The bride, who was given away by her father, was charmingly attired in a dress of shell pink Charmeuse satin trimmed with lace and ninon, draped with fish-tail train; she also wore a tulle veil and wreath of orange blossoms and carried a sheaf of roses. The bridesmaids were Miss Olive EGGLETON and Miss Marjorie CLARKE (nieces of the bridegroom) and Miss Lilian BRAZELL. Their dresses were of white embroidered muslin with satches of shell pink silk; leghorn hats trimmed with pink roses and turquoise velvet ribbon. Miss BRAZELL wore a gold pendant, and the other bridesmaids gold brooches with aquamarines. The bride’s mother was attired in a Nattier blue costume with black tulle hat and feathers and carried a bouquet of red roses. Mrs. E. W. CLARKE’s dress consisted of blue silk crepon, trimmed with old rose glacs(?) and cream ninon; leghorn hat trimmed with roses. Mr. Frank EGGLETON acted as best man.

At the conclusion of the service, an adjournment was made to Hill Farm, where a reception was held on the lawn in a large marquee. The bridal party and guests were then photographed by Mr. SWEETMAN, of High Wycombe, and afterwards tea was partaken of. The health of the newly-married couple was then proposed by the Rev. F. HAINSWORTH, who in the course of a most appropriate speech, said he thought they might all congratulate themselves on the fact that they could really call that a happy occasion; it was an auspicious occasion in every sense of the word. Those who had known the bride from early years could speak as to her worth and character. They had every reason to believe her heart was set right and her life the best and noblest a young lady could live. They were equally happy on the other side as the bridegroom they had loved and respected for many years. They knew him to be a man of sterling worth, and of real good manly character. They all wished Mr. and Mrs. EGGLETON a long life of real happiness and he would propose their healths.—The toast was heartily drunk, and after a few words from Mr. T. EGGLETON, the best man suitably responded for the bridegroom. Later in the afternoon the bride and bridegroom left by motor, amidst showers of confetti and good wishes, for Risborough en route to Folkstone, where the honeymoon is being spent. The bride’s travelling costume was of navy blue and she also wore a white velour hat.

The gowns were supplied by Messrs. WRIGHT Bros., of Richmond, and the handsome wedding cake was made by Mr. John WHITNEY, of Chinnor.

The following were the presents:—

  • Bride to Bridegroom—Gold cuff links.
  • Bridegroom to Bride—Travelling case and umbrella.
  • Bride’s Mother—House linen.
  • Bride’s Father—Cheque.
  • Bridegroom’s Father—Cheque.
  • Bridegroom’s Mother—Silver spirit kettle and stand.
  • Mr. and Mrs. T. H. EGGLETON—Cheque.
  • Mr. and Mrs. CLARKE (Chilboro’ )—Cheque.
  • Mr. F. EGGLETON—Cheque.
  • Mr. F. E. HARVEY (Brighton)—Cheque.
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. S. BRAZELL—Photo enlargements, in oval gilt frames.
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. I. STONE (Colchester)—Silver revolving entreé dish.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. HARDY (London)—Silver cake stand.
  • Mr. Fred BRITNELL—Silver serviette rings.
  • Miss BUTLER (London)—Silver and porcelain tray.
  • Bride’s father’s employès—Cut glass and silver salad bowl and servers.
  • Miss Lilian BRAZELL—Fish carvers (silver).
  • Mr. and Mrs. and Miss COWLEY (Brighton)—Clock.
  • Mrs. A. J. SEYMOUR, jun.—Tray and afternoon tea set.
  • Miss Edith SEYMOUR—Cushion.
  • Mr. and Mrs. BIRT (Oxford)—Fruit dish.
  • Miss Nellie BIRT (Oxford)—Fruit dish.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. FROST (Colchester)—Table cloth.
  • Master Stanley FROST (Colchester)—Oak inkstand and cut glass bottles.
  • Miss Dorothy FROST (Alperton)—Eiderdown.
  • Misses ALLEN and WESTGATE (Brighton)—Silver nut dish and crackers.
  • Miss CARVER (Brighton)—Silver bread fork.
  • Mrs. PULLEN (Colchester)—Silver hot-water jug.
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. A. COX (Colchester)—Silver inkstand.
  • Mrs. BROWING (Colchester)—Crotchet sideboard cloth.
  • Mrs. and Miss CHEESE (Colchester)—Flower stand.
  • Dr. and Mrs. JUDSON (Farnham)—Table silver.
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. S. BRAZELL (Bledlow)—Case of silver tea knives, spoons, and tongs.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John BALL—Case of silver tea spoons.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph REID (Kent)—Antique silver fruit spoons.
  • Mr. Geo. OAKLEY (Kingston)—Silver salver.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. H. COCKS—Silver candlesticks.
  • Mrs. LEVERMOLE and LESLIE—Silver preserve spoon.
  • Mr. and Mrs. FAULKNER—Silver egg, toast, and butter stand.
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. IVES—Silver sugar basin.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted CLARKE (Kingston)—Silver muffin dish.
  • Mr. and Mrs. HATHERALL (Brighton)—Silver candlesticks.
  • Messrs. WRIGHT Bros. (Forest Gate)—Barometer.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. E. WRIGHT (Southend)—Copper brush and crumb tray.
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. A. DODWELL—Silver serviette rings.
  • Miss Marjorie CLARKE (Chilboro’)—Silver bread platter.
  • Mrs. R. KEENE—Silver soup ladles.
  • Mr. R. KEENE—Oak linen chest.
  • Mrs. F. J. NORTH—Case of tea knives.
  • Mr. and Mrs. LING—Silver butter dish.
  • Mr. and Mrs. T. SAW, sen.—Silver cheese and biscuit stand.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. MORRIS (Aston Rowant)—Silver syphon stand.
  • Mr. and Mrs. F. COX (Chelmsford)—Silver butter dish.
  • Mr. R. STOCKWELL (Clapham)—Cheque.
  • Mrs. Lawrence and Miss STOCKWELL (Camberwell)—Tea service.
  • Rev. F HAINSWORTH, M.A. (Scarborough)—Books.
  • Mr. HIND (Hendon)—Book.
  • Mr. Harry BILES (Bungay)—Silver bread fork.
  • Messrs. C. J. W. and C. T. CHEESE (Cornwall)—Book.
  • Mr. and Mrs W. WHITE (Bledlow)—Bread fork.
  • Mr. and Mrs. L. J. BRAZELL (W. Ealing)—Rose bowl.
  • Mrs. A. BRAZELL (Maidenhead)—Bed spread.
  • Mr. and Mrs. DRAKE (Brighton)—Cushion.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. GIBBS—Preserve dish.
  • Mrs. SURMAN (Oxford)—Bedroom slippers.
  • Miss Cissy ROSE—Coal cauldron and tongs.
  • Sydenham employés—Preserve dish.
  • Mrs. J. WHITNEY (Bakery)—Tray cloth with pillow lace.
  • Rev. and Mrs. W. W. HITCHINGS—Brass fire stand.
  • Mrs. EUSTACE—Tray cloth.
  • Miss LATHAM (Southend)—Cushion.
  • Mrs. W. WITNEY—Rolling pin and flower pot.
  • Mrs. W. H. WIXON (Oxford)—Sugar sifter.
  • Miss STONE (Northend)—Decanter (cut glass).
  • Mr. C. BRAZELL and Miss JONES—Sugar and cream dish.
  • Mrs. WENTWORTH (Dulwich)—Crocheted table centre.
  • Miss N. WEEKS (Scotland)—Lace d’oyleys.

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