Obituary of Ambrose Robert Brazell

Tuesday, May 13, 1930

After a protracted and painful illness, to which he succumbed Friday week, Mr.  Ambrose Robert Brazell, who has been postmaster at Kingston Blount for 27 years, was interred at the Chinnor Parish Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. A brief service was held in the Congregational Chapel, conducted by the Rev. W. L. Brooks, B.A. (superintendent of the Thame Weslyan Circuit). The deceased was the fourth son of the late Mr. H. S. Brazell, whose widow still survives. This is the first loss sustained in a family circle of eleven sons and daughters. The deceased, aged 57, leaves a widow and two sons, to whom sympathy is extended. 

The following is the list of floral tributes :
From widow and family.
From grandchildren Colin and Helen. 
From Mother and Lilian. 
From brother W.J., J.E. and Adeline. 
From brother Bert and Ena, Sands. 
From brother Charles and Edith and family. 
From brother Len, Dollie, Joan and Peter, Thame. 
From sister Edith and Uncle William, of Torquay. 
From sister Sallie, Stokenchurch. 
From sister Dollie and Alfred, Brentford. 
From sister Beatrice and Keno, Maidenhead. 
From cousin William and Lily, Wanstead. 
From cousin Stanley and Edith and Doris, Ilford. 
From cousin Charlie and Winnie and family, Westcliffe. 
From cousin Sallie and Harry and Herbert, Harlesden. 
From cousin Margaret. 
From Mrs. Geden, Acton. 
From Mrs. Wethers, Acton. 
From Mr. and Mrs. Watts, Thame. 
From Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hill. 
From Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Oakley. 
From Mrs. Levermore. 
From Mr. and Mrs. Siarey. 
From Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meeks. 
From Mr. and Mrs. F. Britnell. 
From Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. 
From Mr. and Mrs. A. Church. 
From Laura and Florrie. 
From all at Post Office, Chinnor. 
From Mrs. Langford and Miss L. Munday. 
From Olive and Clifford, Hempton. 
From Mrs. J. C. Brown. 
From Mrs. L. Baldwyn, Chinnor Rectory. 
From. Mrs. Sadler and family. 
From Mrs. Eustace. 
From Mrs. Livesy. 
From Mr. and Mrs. W. Britnell and Don. 
From Fred Beets. 

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