Obituary of Herbert Stockwell Brazell (and others)

Tuesday, February 12, 1918

Quite apart from the young lives so gallantly laid down for the cause of, and in the struggle for International Righteousness, this village has witnessed the passing of several aged residents quite recently, whose ancestry has been associated with local activities for generations. The oldest of these in the person of Mrs. SEYMOUR, aged 91 (whose lace-making pillow and bobbins on a post card are familiar), was one of a remarkably long-lived familly—two of whom still survives (sic)—Mrs. LOVEDAY, of Kingston, who is 99, and Mr. B. WITNEY, slightly younger. To the memory comes up the mental picture formed not long since in the central pews of the Congregational Church of a group of worshippers becoming venerable. Robert WHITE, Henry David EGGLETON, Thomas SEYMOUR, John BALDWIN, Thomas SAW, Henry BRITNELL (who peacefully departed the week before last), of whom 9 sons and daughters survive. And now last Saturday, Herbert Stockwell BRAZELL, at the age of 73, after but 3 days prostration quietly succumbed to acute pain.  The widow, who survives is sustained in her loss by an unbroken family of 6 sons and 5 daughters—the youngest of whom is on active service in France. The funeral will take place on Wednesday (tomorrow), when the service will take place in the Congregational Church at 2 o’clock.

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