Franklin Things To Do

Notes on Cholsey St. Mary graveyard photographs

  • Where was Ivy? If there was some kind of sibling reunion at the grave of their parents, you would expect Ivy to be there.
  • When could the photographs at Cholsey St. Mary’s have been taken? Were they perhaps taken on the occasion of Sophia Franklin’s funeral in 1949?

Some observations and things to be doing

  • John FRANKLIN seemed to be working on the railway most of his life. His father-in-law, Henry FAULKNER, worked for the Great Western Railway; I wonder if he got John a job there, too. If it is possible to use railway records to discover when John & Sophia moved house, it would be easier to track the births and baptisms of their children. Failing that, there may be no alternative but to trawl the GRO indices in the hope of finding something.
    • Explore how best to research railway ancestors in Berkshire. Start by asking on the mailing list.
  • Identify a Whitchurch/Newbury paper and send them copies of the photos taken at the river in Whitchurch, Hants, with a short article requesting they print.
  • Talk to Tanya and send her the documentation and photos. Ask her to ask André if he remembers anything and Terri if she feels like helping.
  • Check out the Aussie websites and ask on the mailing lists about how to identify FRANKLINs from Cholsey who emigrated.

(some of the above are OBE and in need of revision)