The MÜLLERs of Stockenboi

My MÜLLER To Do List

Working hypothesis:

  • The Müllers of Stockenboi (aka the “Weissensee shipping dynasty”) are connected to the Müllers of Alberden and Mauthbrücken.

Arguments in favour:

  • Our Müllers are Protestant; there are also Protestant Müllers in Stockenboi;
  • It cannot be a coincidence that there is a Müller/Mösslacher family in Stockenboi (the one with the boats and holiday flats)!
  • There must have been a lot of movement along the road leading from Stockenboi through Alberden to Zlan and Mauthbrücken. The road seems to follow the “Weg des Buches” (also here, and Google has more), a Protestant pilgrimage route along which German-language versions of the Bible and hymn books were smuggled during the time of “Geheimprotestantismus” in Austria;

Arguments against:

  • Nothing so far 🙂

Things to do:

  • Possibly contact Christian Müller of Stockenboi and ask if he’s interested; if he’s Protestant, he might be;
  • Consider staying a night or two in the Müller/Mösslacher holiday flat when we’re in the area;
  • Explore Mauthbrücken and visit Gasthaus Mauthner for a beer and a chat (Landgasthof Mauthner. Mauthbrücken 9, 9701 Stockenboi. Tel.: +43 4761 320). Mauthbrücken is on the River Drau very close to Zlan, which belongs to Stockenboi; if the name signified a place, it may have been the location of the toll house for the bridge over the River Drau;
  • Decipher the address/profession of the Müllers of Alberden/Mauthbrücken in the parish registers to see if we can identify a farm or a property that may still exist;
  • The Parish records say the Müllers lived at “Mauthbrücken 12”, so check it out on Google (it exists) and make sure to drive by when we’re in the area;
  • On our next holiday there, hike bits of the “Weg des Buches”, tour the Goldeck Panoramastraße, and bike the Drauradweg.
  • … Any other ideas?

MÜLLER entries extracted from Kärnten Parish Registers

Read from beginning of Paternion Geburtsbuch III (11 Feb 1762 – 10 Oct 1793) to 1770 inclusive, looking for Jackob Müller and/or Maria Mößlacher but found no Müller or Mößlacher entries; should finish reading the rest some time to make sure.  But there were a couple of HOCHSTARZER entries, like this one: 27 Jul 1768 Birth/Baptism of Jacobus son of Jacobus HOCHSTARZER.)

Marriage of Jakob MÜLLER & Maria MÖßLACHER of Alberden on 23 Feb 1789 in Paternion (link), Jakob is 24 (so born 1764/65), a bachelor, and Protestant; Maria is 21 (so born 1767/68), a spinster, and Protestant.

Birth of Joseph MÜLLER on 12 Dec 1791 in Alberden, baptised same day in Zlan (link). Parents: Jakob MÜLLER and Maria his wife (no maiden name); Profession: “Rusticus” = farmer ?; Religion: obviously not Catholic, but what is the term used – Acett? Joseph’s birth was also registered in Geburtsbuch IV (Signatur P01_004-1, 24 May 1874 – 12 Dec 1797). No idea why there would be a second register, unless the incumbent was required to copy the details of an old register into a new one with more info and copied any mistakes (like Johann instead of Jakob below).

Death of Joseph MÜLLER, “Acath”, on 16 Dec 1791 in Alberden, buried in Zlan [Signatur P01_022-1, Sterbbuch II, 10 Jan 1740 – 2 Nov 1793). Started reading register backwards and stopped here.

Birth of Johann MÜLLER on 28 Nov 1792 in Alberden, baptised same day in Zlan (Signatur P01_003-1, Geburtsbuch III, 1 Feb 1762 – 10 Oct 1793): Parents: Johann (but must be Jakob) MÜLLER and Maria MÖßLACHER his wife; Profession: “Rusticus”, Religion: obviously not Catholic, but what is the term used – aCatholi? Johann’s birth was also registered (as Johannes) in Geburtsbuch IV (Signatur P01_004-1). Again, the father was given as Johan.

Birth of Joseph MÜLLER on 2 Nov 1795 in Alberden, baptised 3 Nov 1795 in Zlan (link).

Birth of Christina MÜLLER on 3 Feb 1799 in Alberden, baptised 4 Feb 1799 in Zlan (link): Parents: Jakob Müller & Maria Mößlacher; Occupation: illegible, Father’s parents: Hannes (?) MÜLLER & Christina [illegible]; Mother’s parents: Josef (?) MÖßLACHER & Barbara [illegible].

Birth of Jakob MÜLLER on 14 Jun 1802 in Alberden, baptised 15 Jun 1802 in Zlan (link).

1802 14ten Juny… Obbenannter hat am 15ten d(ieses) M(onats) am Zlan getaufet laut Schein N(ummer) 4/3Alberen Hebamme war Maria Powalin, alte Stainhauserin auf der Hal[bern ?] N. 2 protest. Rel.Jakob MüllerJakob Müller vulgo Kasperl daselbst protest. Rel. des Johann Müller auch gewesenen Kasperle (=Vulgo-/Hofname) daselbst und der Christina gebohrnen Örtlin ehelicher SohnMaria des Joseph Möslacher gewesenen [Fascher] (= Hofname) N. 38 in Kreuzen und der Barbara gebohrnen Branderin eheliche Tochter protest. Rel.

(finished Paternion Geburtsbuch V)

Birth of Elisabeth HOCHSTARZER on 18 Jan 1811 in Hochegg, baptised same day in Zlan

Marriage of Jakob MÜLLER & Elisabeth HOCHSTARZER on 18 Nov 1834 in Zlan

     Groom: Protestant, aged 30 (1803/04), bachelor; parents Jakob Müller & Maria MÖßLACHER

     Bride: Protestant, aged 24 (1809/10), spinster; parents Johann HOCHSTARZER & Barbara HUBER

Birth of Elisabeth MÜLLER on 5 Jan 1836 in Mauthbrücken, baptised the same day in Zlan

Birth of Jakob MÜLLER on 7 Aug 1843 in Mauthbrücken, baptised 8 Aug 1843 in Zlan

Continued reading Kamering registers:

Signatur K01_005-2, Geburtsbuch (14 Jan 1813 – 29 Dec 1844)

     From Jakob’s birth on 7 Aug 1843 to end

Birth of Johann MÜLLER on 11 Oct 1843 in Hollernach, baptised 13 Oct 1843 in Zlan

     Protestant; Son of Jakob Müller (parents Georg MÜLLER & Ursula born Müller?! & [can’t read name of mother] daughter of Johann ? & Elisabeth ?

     Jakob and Georg might be connected to our line back in time.

Signatur K01_006-1, Geburtsbuch V (29 Jan 1845 – 28 Apr 1904)

Birth of Ursula MÖßLACHER on 1 May 1845 in Ziebl, baptised 2 May 1845 in Zlan

     Protestant; daughter of Anton MÖßLACHER & Elizabeth ?

Birth of Thomas MÜLLER? on 15 Jan 1847 in Mauthbrücken, baptised 16 Jan 1847 in Zlan

     Protestant; son of Mathias MÜLLER? (parents Johann MÜLLER? & Ursula ?) & ?

Birth of Maria ?brenner on 5 May 1847 in Hollernach, baptised 9 May 1847 in Zlan

     Protestant; daughter of Anton ?brenner & Katharina? MÜLLER

Birth of Elisabeth ? on 25 May 1847 in Unterberg?, baptised 30? May 1847 in Zlan

     Protestant; daughter of Laurenz? ? & Elisabeth MÜLLER (no parents entered)

Birth of Peter MÖßLACHER on 11 Sep 1847 in Ziebl, baptised 12 Sep 1847 in Zlan

     Protestant; son of Anton MÖßLACHER & Elisabeth LACHNER?

Stopped reading at the beginning of 1849, when Protestant registers were allowed; no Protestant entries after that!

Just for fun, started reading the ZLAN Protestant burial register

Signatur 03-01D, Sterbebuch (1 Jan 1849 – 31 Dec 1900)

and found this:

Death of Ursula MÜLLER on 23 Dec 1851, aged 58, in ?, buried 26 Dec 1851 in Zlan

     Maybe the wife of Georg MÜLLER above?

     Lots of Müllers in there; would probably be worth collecting them all.

Marriage of Christof LAMMEGGER & Anna MITTERER on 18 Feb 1849 in Fresach

Marriage of Jakob MÜLLER & Elisabeth LAMMEGGER on 3 Aug 1879 in Zlan

Birth of Jakob MÜLLER on 22 Nov 1881 in Mauthbrücken, baptised same day in Zlan

Death of Jakob MÜLLER on 20 Jan 1882 in Mauthbrücken, buried 22 Jan 1882 in Zlan

Birth of Andreas MÜLLER on 12 Dec 1882 in Mauthbrücken, baptised 13 Dec 1882 in Zlan

Birth of Jakob MÜLLER on 10 Jan 1885 in Mauthbrücken, baptised same day in Zlan

Birth of Michael MÜLLER on 16 Nov 1888 in Mauthbrücken, baptised 17 Nov 1888 in Zlan

Birth of Mathias MÜLLER on 12 Aug 1891 in Mauthbrücken, baptised 13 Aug 1891 in Zlan

Österreich Kärnten: Rk. Diözese Gurk Stockenboi

Gb 1714 – 1939, Trb 1714 – 1939, Stb 1714 – 1996

Ortschaften (Stand 1933): Pol. Gem. Stockenboi und Techendorf; Ortsch.: Gassen, Rosental, Stockenboi, Unteralm, Weißenbach (Stockenboi), Weißenbach (Techendorf, kleiner Teil) und Wiederschwing

Nachbarpfarren (Stand 1933): Kamering, 7 km; Paternion, 2 km

Mutterpfarre: Kamering

Signatur       S92_010-1

Matrikeltyp    Index zu Geburtsbuch (1 Jan 1714 – 31 Dec 1865)

INDEX (with links to register entries). “M” begins here.

MÜLLER           Johann            1729 / 06 / 04      II / 21

Birth of Thomas Müller on 1 Aug 1764

Hard to read anything but the name Mößlacher is given under the father’s name (which I can’t make out) and the mother is a Christina, no surname, but she’s described as a “Schuelerin”? Nothing that looks like Protestant or Zlan.

MÜLLER           Maria              1772 / 01 / 26      III / 20

MÜLLER           Katharina         1789 / 09 / 22      IV / 20

MÜLLER           Magdalena        1794 / 11 / 08      IV / 50

MÜLLER           Christian          1795 / 06 / 08      IV / 54 (Protestant)

MÜLLER           Christian &        1795 / 12 / 03      IV / 56 (Catholic)

MÜLLER           Magdalena        1795 / 12 / 03      IV / 56

MÜLLER           Elisabeth          1798 / 06 / 24      IV / 68 (Catholic)

MÜLLER           Jakob              1810 / 12 / 25      IV / 153 (Protestant)